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Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer Package

Fast Track Accelerated DC Trainer Certification (Modules sold independently, as well)

Best results with DC Psychology ensured for imparting to the Human Capital, and Business returns through all the four modules. Each Module contains World's Best Manuals, Flash Cards for References, Flash Discs with Music, Videos, Business Development, Advanced Speaking Methodologies.

Trainer Certification Module 1

Foundations in Directive Communication Psychology and The Colored Brain

  • Introduction to DC Psychology
  • Psychological 'Rules of Engagement', and how they affect competence
  • Colored Brain Communication Applications to Organisational Effectiveness and Training
  • Understanding the DC Behavioural Psychology Based Methodology
  • Apply the Neuro Science Approach to Modern Learning and Development
  • Implementing CBCI for Leadership Development and Team Effectiveness

Trainer Certification Module 2

Human Motivation and Drive

  • Fundamentals of Individual Emotional Drives, and Team Motivation
  • Human Drivers Challenge Exercise, to define Eight Learning Points to understand the Genesis of Motivations of the Audience
  • Application of CBC Cards for Extra Effective Coaching and Mentoring
  • Need Sucking', the primary reasons of Failure of Managers at all Levels
  • Application of HDMA in Performance Management
  • Postures- Harnessing the Power of the Mind and Body Connection
  • The Pyramid of Commitment and how to get your class more involved

Trainer Certification Module 3

Mastery in Advanced Public Dynamic Speaking

  • The Psychology of Inspiration
  • Mastery in Group Dynamic Audience Engagement
  • Psychology of Non-Verbal Communication
  • Assertive Versus Aggressive Communication
  • Applying the Power of DC Postures to ALWAYS keep your audience Engaged
  • Mastery in the Psychology of Story telling
  • Mastery in the Three Steps of Inspirational Action-Get your audience to act on what they have learnt
  • Experiential Learning and Practical Implementation
  • Communication Stresses-an insight in to making of Better Public Speakers

Trainer Certification Module 4

Curriculum Development

  • Accelerated adult learning methodology
  • Fundamentals of Curriculum Development
  • Application of Personal Expertise in to DC Courseware
  • Mastery in DC tools and Games
  • Creating a DC Psychology based Curriculum for measurablecompetency
  • Training Effects, Measurement and Assessment