Set Your Organizational Development Goal and let the DC360 System Identify Your Needs, Create the Measured Implementation, and Show Visible Results.

The DC360 Organizational Objective Focused Employee Development system is a customized multi-platform long term curriculum, with organizational structure and support elements, to align Company Goals with Employee Development while improving Corporate Culture. The DC360 Multiple platforms using the Directive Communication Methodology (DC) provide a flexible people development environment that is cost and time effective and can be incorporated to any organizational structure.

Creating a DC360 curriculum quarterly or annually will Insure sustaining a Custom Sculptured Corporate Culture.


Using DC360 to develop your people provides the following benefits:

  • ~
    Platform flexibility allows everyone to get involved within budget.
  • ~
    Improves organizational Communication and Cooperation.
  • ~
    Creates an environment where learning is constantly being Reinforced.
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    Using one Core Learning Methodology means soft skill “Applications” can be taught in less time and smaller budgets.
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    Includes Succession Planning and Recruitment components to maintain overall organizational objectives.
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    All learning and support efforts are systematically directed toward the organization's objectives.
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    Integrated Leadership means new knowledge is shared and employees take on roles of developing their peers.
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    Process allows organizations to sculpt their Corporate Culture with multiple applications of DC.
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    Allows you to see measurable progress toward objectives and in individuals.

The DC360 Process is carried out in 3 stages

Stage 1 - Discovery

Understanding Your Organizational Objectives, Corporate Culture Goals, Time and Budget Restrictions, and who are the Key influencers in your organization that will make implementation easier and faster.

Discovery of issues affecting the organization and who the Key Influencers are.

Metrics are set to determine ROI and Compare improvements in Performance and Effectiveness.

Discovery of issues affecting the organization and who the Key Influencers are.

Stage 2 - Enrollment

Training the Core DC methodology and Establishing the Corporate Culture Foundation (Optional). This develops the Key influencers with Directive Communication Psychology to assist in the Enrollment of the entire organization through the DC360 multiple training platforms and set the base for Multiple Soft skill applications.Leadership is trained how to sustain changes and maintain the cooperative working environment while nurturing new competencies in different soft skill disciplines.

If the “Culture Revolution” option is elected to set a superior culture, the initiative sets and reinforces the culture, sustains self leadership to perpetuate the new culture, and develops your people to bring out the best in themselves and others.

Knowledge is shared in the 1 day workshops with Key Influencers. Exercises and reflection form new perceptions and the REAL possibility of creating a Great Working Environment.

Key Influencers go to enroll their peers and managers in the idea of a better working environment and the process to make it happen. They create a Unified Identity for their project.

Key Influencers get feedback as to what kind of organization they wish to create, share knowledge and help peers and managers with exercises to gain new perceptions.Together, they lead the formation of Guiding Principles for sustainable change.

Allocated staff are Trained as Trainers for Blended Learning to maximize Interactive Online Workshops and Multimedia.

Employees review key points with interactive Online learning & Multimedia.

2 day Change Leadership workshop for Senior Management to sustain and manage change.

The Entire Organization takes CBCI Assessment Online to Identify Communication Processe.

The changes employees will make are in-line with original Senior Management Guidelines that were set BUT everything they came up with is their own and they have ownership.

HDMA tools are used to Identify and correct Perception Gaps.

Assess contributions of individual with STARS.

Employees gain a unified identity and vision to improve their lives and personal success Through Work. They create the Sustainability structure and improve competency and nurture proactive leadership.

Stage 3- Competency Application

Now that the Core DC Methodology foundation is set, short competency modules, leadership,and indoctrination processes for new employees are introduced. Your people can now go through half day application programs, Supplementary Online workshops, and Blended Learning sessions in specific applications like: Project Management, Customer Service, Salesand Marketing, Financial applications, Leadership, Innovation and Creativity,Communication, Branding and more. Many can be facilitated by your own DC trained trainers or with DC certified experts from around the globe, each with their own area of expertise.

NOW… Time, scheduling and Cost now become less of an issue with multiple platforms to “Apply” new applications of what they have already learned. You can use the multiple platforms to integrate everyone involved so knowledge and best practices are shared with a common personal vision that is now in line with organizational objectives. And the system of measurement is already in place so you can see your people progress and how the implementation of knowledge is realizing Company objectives.

DC based Corporate Training Workshops are designed as an Integrated Workforce Enhancement system delivered by renowned experts. DC workshops use exclusive take-home DC tools for better execution and over 42% Implementation.

DC Psychometric Tools allows your people to communicate and cooperate at the deepest levels understanding, causing less stress and more objective focused action.

Most of our 2 day high yield training workshops can be effectively administered in a ½ day module with the same Results! Save 38% of Training Budget and Get 3 Times Training ROI with a monthly analysis to track employee progress.

DC Psychology Training and Implementation Tools leave lasting effects on learning and “assist” learners How to Implement learning coach others.

Take our full 2 day programs LIVE On-Line with our INTERACTIVE Web Platform for only 40 minutes a day for 12 modules. Or as a as a selfpaced program with Pre- Recorded sessions.

Progress measurement and implementation assessments give employees a clear direction of their success and provide a platform for management.

When the Leadership component is added to the Employee Development Modules, your people become your internal consultants and they nurture a corporate culture that perpetuate personal success.

Multi-Media Library assists indoctrinate new employees into the organization and reinforce culture. When managed your in-house DC trained coaches, culture is always maintained.

Transform your people with intense programs for Train the Trainer, Leadership, HR, Culture Change and more. When they go back to your organization, they will be your internal trainers and consultants.

Recruiting the Right People into your culture will make a BIG difference in your organizations effectiveness. Select for Cultural Fit with DC Interview Strategies.

Why You Need DC360

Reason 1 – You are Wasting Money on Training

One of the difficulties training and HR managers face is coordinating and aligning their people development efforts to achieve the overall Organizational Objectives. The difficulty is that the standard 2 day soft skill training courses yield an average of 18% retention and even less implementation. But the worst part is, if the various workshops for leadership, customer service, communication, sales, project management, etc. are applying independent methodologies, your people are getting isolated skills that do not nurture the common insights required for a cooperative environment aligned with a single organizational vision. If all training has a common understanding, a “Common Methodology”, your people will have the foundation to understand each other's roles and how those roles can connect to achieve Cooperative and Competent execution of a Common Organizational Goa.

DC360 provides Long Term, Objective Focused Training Curriculum using a Single Methodology that Consistently Reinforces Knowledge and Implementation.


Reason 2 – Your Corporate Culture is Directly Related to Your

DC360 provides Long Term, Objective Focused Training Curriculum using a Single Methodology that Consistently Reinforces Knowledge and Implementation An Organization's Culture is its Personality and Attitude. To cultivate an Effective and Passionate Culture, your people must have a common objective and a platform to achieve that objective. The difficulty is that if management tells them what it “Should Be”, buy in is very difficult. And unless we know how set the psychological parameters for a unified purpose, Corporate Culture will be left to chance. So what does that mean to your bottom line? According to a 2007 study of 70 similar companies, you could be losing 52% of your productivity potential. The study indicated: Where the mean is 100 people doing the work of 100 people, in a poor culture, 100 people did the work on 68. But in a good culture, 100 people did the work of 152! To succeed in improving Corporate Culture the people must “feel” the organization serves their own personal development beyond the paycheck.

Why do You Need to have a Better Corporate Culture? Perhaps the question should be: How much more effective and profitable could your company be with 52 extra free employees?

DC360 provides the Multiple Platforms and Integrated Leadership required to set the Psychological Parameters for a Unified Purpose and Vision Centered Corporate Culture.