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About Aalok

      We the team of Pearls Oceanique Resort, Goa had a great interactive session from you, where we got Know about ourselves and each other among our team members. May 3rd and 4th 2012 proved to be very valuable as the knowledge and self development through various innovative activities which helped us to find self definition of ourselves. We will be able to find, act and understand ourselves in professional and personal life in future days to come and overcome challenges and difficulties.

We thank your from our heart for sharing your valuabe knowledge and experience with us. Team Pearls Oceanique Resort,

      “Colonel Aalok Sood is not only one of the best DC Certified trainers in India, but he has the corporate and military experience in senior management to magnify results in organizational development and growth. Combining his experiences, he applies the DC psychology of group dynamics with real world applications of leadership and objective focused directives to achieve extraordinary results in personal and group effectiveness that yield higher profitability.”
Arthur F. Carmazzi
Founder, Directive Communication International (Asia)
Using psychology to cultivate productive work environments

      “I have known Colonel Aalok Sood since one year and he is an outstanding human being and a trainer with great concern for the participants. His passion and skills set him apart as a trainer to suit all levels of corporate positions. Added to that, his rich experience will position him as a leading soft skills trainer.”
Tarun Ahuja
Peak Performance Trainings
Success Secret Radios, Tarun Trainings, Web Total Marketing

      “I have had an opportunity to have worked with Colonel Aalok Sood very closely. He is an excellent trainer who is persuasive, innovative, and a very effervescent speaker, who can really hold the attention of the house. I wish him great success as a trainer and I am sure that he will enthrall any audience that has the privilege of attending his sessions.”
Col (Dr) GS Ahlowalia
MBBS (AFMC, Pune University), MBA (H.C.A) - (FMS, Delhi University)
Internationally Certified D C Corporate Trainer (Accredited by AIOBP, Beaverton, USA)

      “Aalok's passion for self-improvement excels him as a human. The captivating appearance of cutting the edge and his philanthropist nature makes him an accurate winner in enduring values and principles. Aalok's incredible understanding of people, situations and human behaviour makes him a True Leadership coach.

      As a friend, Aalok is a true Gentle man with lots of mannerism and respect for both, the youngsters and elders. Aalok as a person is soft-spoken, always with right attitude, pure at heart and soul, and above all an individual with great understanding ability.

      I always believed that a person must try to see the best in the worst… in a person or a situation, then Aalok is one among the few who could literally see, understand and tolerate things. This very well indicates that his circle of tolerance is high, which is a sign of an Effective Leader.”
Vahini Muniganti
Certified Directive Communication Psychology Practitioner
Leadership Speaker and Level 4 Certified Trainer
Accredited by American Institute of Business Psychology

      “I am so very glad that I met a person like Colonel Aalok Sood in my professional career as a trainer. The thing that I liked best about him was his willingness to relate his teachings with his own experiences. He is a wonderful human being and an amazing professional.”
Amit Hans
Director, EduCorp Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd, Chandigarh

      “Having known an individual for last 30 odd years, call it growing old together, it really is wonderful to have grown up with Aalok and see his eye for details mature up into what he is today. His commitment to self and the cause that he believes in, gives him an insight into development of human behaviour. Using the technology, we have a trainer par excellence duly armed with a will to shape leaders.”
Lt Col Piyush Bahuguna (Retd), MD
IMPACT Training Academy, Chandigarh, Leadership Speaker

      "I still remember the restaurant in Lonavala, where I was having dinner when I saw a really dynamic personality entering. I told the person sitting next to me, “see what a dynamic personality, I wish if I could have such a personality, when I would be of his age.” And I got overwhelmed to know that that dynamic personality would be there with me for the next 10 days, as a senior trainer.

      What more to say about Col Sood, I really owe a lot to him, I still appreciate the knowledge and rapport he shared with me. He is full of knowledge and experience. When he is on stage you can always expect a well prepared, planned and energetic trainer full of practical examples from his life.

      Sir, I wish you all the success in future endeavour and I am sure, you will make a great difference in the life of many people.
Er. Anshul Dhingra
Youngest Directive Communication Trainer in Asia, Director & Principal Trainer
AD Executive Training & Coaching Pvt Ltd

       “Colonel Aalok Sood is a level headed trainer, his ability to dissect things and make it simpler for understanding is great. We interacted with him during the DC certification workshop and it was amazing to know him as person too. His greatest asset is his clarity about everything he does. Any organisation would love to have him as a trainer - cum- consultant to give a larger clarity to the company’s values or visions. I wish him all the best for all his future endeavours.”
Yogesh Pawar
Masters and PhD, HR
Uninor, Mumbai, Level 4 Certified DC Trainer (Asia)